Instructional Design
All curricula at MPS are based on the California state standards, including but not limited to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers use the state-published Frameworks for Instructional Design in developing curriculum pacing and lesson plans.

All students who are English Learners receive both integrated and designated English Language Development through a state-approved curriculum and the California English Language Development Standards.

A significant step toward helping our students achieve their maximum potential involves providing a rigorous, relevant and college preparatory curriculum with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) emphasis.

  • Magnolia students and faculty organize and participate in numerous STEAM competitions and are available for all grades to participate
  • Our schools offer a variety of free after school clubs to students to stimulate interest in and extend knowledge of STEAM
Each year Magnolia students enjoy a day full of STEAM projects, demonstrations, family challenges, visual and performing arts performances, and robotics competitions in the annual MPS STEAM EXPO.


Data-Driven Instruction
MPS teachers and students use data to make informed decisions. Teachers receive regular professional development and coaching about positive academic intervention, teaching strategies for all learners, and differentiated instruction. Both formative and summative assessments are utilized throughout the year.

After School Tutoring
Magnolia Schools offer free after-school tutoring to all students. Our tutoring program provides students with a safe, small-group environment in which they can receive personalized attention from their teachers.

Community Service
Our students engage in community service to develop and demonstrate crucial life skills. This helps students gain “real life” experience and develop responsibility, caring, and respect for others.

Instructional Field Trips and Guest Speakers
Instructional field trips and guest speakers allow students to gain insight, information, or knowledge that bring learning alive for our students and help them make broader connections to their community.

Periodic Benchmark Tests
MPS uses NWEA’s computer-adapted MAP tests to evaluate student learning and to differentiate instruction to meet student needs. Administered in the fall and spring of each academic year for grades 2-10 in Reading and Mathematics.

Magnolia Schools also administer SBAC Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) which focus on smaller sets of targets and provide more detailed information for instruction.

Community Connectedness
We are a family and we are committed to the growth and development of our students and the communities in which they live, in order to enrich the global society.

Life Skills Program
Life Skills is an enrichment program that provides our older students with valuable skills to support academic excellence and social skill development.

Home Visits
MPS teachers visit students at their homes to enhance student learning and involvement. Family visits offer invaluable insights about students and allow us to build a further connection between school and home.