College Readiness Programs
​​​​​​​MPS upholds the belief that college is attainable through academic success and persistence. Our College programs provide high school students with the emotional and instrumental preparation and support students need to graduate college and career ready.

A distinguishing feature of our college programs is the active participation of our students in the development and design of their future academic pathways. Our advisors work individually with parents and students on a Four-Year Plan that outlines graduation requirements, tracks extracurricular and volunteer activities, and builds students’ resumes in order to support them in the college application process. Special programming is offered to students to develop interests and build on skills needed for credentialing and certification for specific trades.

To enrich college-going activities, College Advisors and students regularly visit college campuses, research requirements, and explore financial aid and scholarship options. College advising teams work together to track UC/CSU A-G requirement completion, credits completed towards graduation, scholarship eligibility, scholarship applications, Personal Statements, progress towards college application submission, and more.

Additionally, MPS is invested in monitoring the postsecondary pathways of its graduates including the transfer, persistence, and completion trends across the spectrum of institutions including 4-year universities, 2-year colleges, trade/technical schools, and the military. Our alumni network is strong with students returning as tutors, mentors, and contributors to our rich learning environment. By serving students as a tangible resource, the college mentorship program is able to greatly increase positive outcomes for its students.